Corporate Partners

Here's How You Can Help

PCNAF benefits in a very special way from the broad-based funding and in-kind support provided by the corporate community. Since the organization does not maintain an office and relies upon the work of volunteers instead of having a paid staff, its overhead costs are minimal. Yet, essential services and materials requiring the outlay of cash are needed to operate. These administrative expenses are borne separately and must be covered by Board members, pro bono or in-kind contributions and corporate donations specifically earmarked for administrative support. Therefore, the support provided by Corporate Partners is critical to the ultimate success of the programs and related services that PCNAF provides.

By becoming a PCNAF Corporate Partner, you will help to:

  • ensure that all children in Nigeria receive a quality basic education;
  • eliminate poverty in Nigeria, Africa's most populous country;
  • ensure that the people of Nigeria meet their need for educated and skilled workers;
  • create a more peaceful and prosperous world for us all.

 To learn more about how to become a Corporate Partner, click here to email PCNAF.