GoodSearch & GoodShop

Support PCNAF by Searching the Web or Shopping Online

What if the Peace Corps Nigeria Alumni Foundation earned a penny every time you searched the Internet?  Or how about if a percentage of every purchase you made online went to support our cause?  Well, now it can! is a Yahoo-powered search engine that will donate a penny per search to PCNAF for supporters who are willing to use for their Internet searches.  You use it just as you would any search engine and get quality search results from Yahoo. can be accessed from the website. is an online shopping mall which will donate up to 37 percent of each of your purchases to PCNAF! Hundreds of great stores including Amazon, Target, Gap, Best Buy, eBay, Macy's and Barnes & Noble have teamed up with GoodShop.  So every time you place an order, you can support PCNAF.

Just go to  Be sure to enter the Peace Corps Nigeria Alumni Foundation as the charity you want to support.  And please help us spread the word!  Click here for our GoodSearch flyer.