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To help reduce poverty and foster economic growth in Nigeria, with programs that promote equity and access to quality education for girls.


All girls in Nigeria will have an opportunity to reach their full potential in life and contribute to the country’s economic growth. 

Nigeria is Africa's most populous country with over 170 million people.  However, more than 10 million children of primary school age - more than any other country in the world - remain outside the school system, and the majority of those children are girls.  And more girls than boys also drop out of primary school.  In fact, in the majority-Muslim northern region of Nigeria, only 4% of females complete secondary school.  Unfortunately most Americans are not aware of the magnitude of this crisis, and the impact that it has on our lives.

Based upon the belief that educating women and girls is a key to economic development in Nigeria, addressing the disparities in girls' education is our top priority.  In addition to providing financial assistance to female Nigerian students in both Nigeria and the U.S., we are also committed to serving as a catalyst for enhancing public awareness in America about the girls' education crisis in Nigeria and how it is affecting our lives too.  Therefore, a key component of our mission is helping teachers here in the U.S. introduce their students to the girls' education crisis in Nigeria and instill in them a sense of global responsibility.  We assist teachers in planning their activities and in securing the instructional resources needed to achieve their goals.  ​

Education played a very important role in the Peace Corps' mission in Nigeria right from the start.  In fact, the majority of the Peace Corps Volunteers in the country worked as teachers. That's because the Peace Corps and the Nigerian government understood that education is a key to economic development.

Economic growth is driven by people with knowledge and valuable skills.  The entire country benefits when all of its citizens can read, write and fully participate in social and economic life.  

Current Activities

* Helping to eliminate gender discrimination barriers and provide equal opportunities for girls to reach their full potential in life.

* Providing support to female Nigerian students who need financial assistance to complete their education.

* Educating Americans about the critical need to improve equity and access to quality education for girls in Nigeria.

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