Peace Corps Nigeria

"Former Peace Corps Volunteers are America's renewable resource."

Andrew Motter
PCV, Nigeria, 66-68

Background Information

Ambassadors of Peace and International Understanding

Over the past fifty years, Peace Corps Volunteers have worked for world peace, understanding, and well-being in more than 135 countries. When they complete their service in the Peace Corps, Volunteers bring the world back home and continue their service by helping to strengthen America’s understanding of different countries and cultures. Without a doubt, since the events of September 11th, the role of Peace Corps and former Peace Corps Volunteers is more important than ever. Never before in our history has there been a more pressing need to direct attention to promoting peace and international understanding.

Back in the 1960’s, thousands of Peace Corps Volunteers (PCV’s) served in Nigeria. For a while, in fact, the newly independent country was host to the single largest Peace Corps program. But then the Peace Corps had to withdraw while Nigeria suffered through years of civil war, military rule and mismanagement.

Steve camping with friends

It’s been more than forty years now since Peace Corps had a significant presence in Nigeria. Yet, many former volunteers (RPCV’s) cherish the memory of their service there and feel a desire to play a constructive role in the country’s development. That is what led a group of RPCV’s in the Washington, DC area to form the Peace Corps Nigeria Alumni Foundation (PCNAF) in 2000. They wanted to provide a vehicle for RPCVs, former Peace Corps staff, and other individuals and organizations interested in supporting development efforts in Nigeria, to make an on-going contribution.